Choosing a Defra Approved Or Smoke Exempt Stove

If you live in an area with a smoke control or smoke-free, then selecting a DEFRA Approved stove or a smoke exempt stove is important. Not only do they conform with building regulations but they also guarantee that you are legally able to burn wood and multi fuels inside your home.

Stove manufacturers are constantly improving their products with secondary and tertiary combustion systems that reduce emissions and the user’s carbon footprint.

Defra Approved

If you are in a zone of smoke control then you’ll need to use a stove that is defra certified. The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has adopted laws that prohibit the emission of dark smoke in smoke-controlled areas which includes the majority of large cities and towns. The stoves that are Defra approved have been subject to rigorous tests and examinations to ensure that they conform to this law. They are specifically designed to burn fuel efficiently and produce significantly less pollutants. This makes them a better choice for you and your neighbours since the lower amount of smoke they create means that the nuisance levels of smoke will be kept to the minimum. Stoves that have been approved by DEFRA approved British stoves will also have the logo and the words defra exempt or SE (smoke exempt) in their title and specification.

Most of the wood burning and multi fuel stoves that we sell are Defra approved. We always strive to find the best quality products and are determined to ensure that our customers get the most from their stove. The stoves that are approved by Defra have a higher efficiency than non-approved models, which means that they create significantly less particulate matter. This is in turn, reducing the amount of dark smoke produced. The stoves that are Defra-approved tend to have a stronger firebox which will also reduce smoke emissions.

Defra approved appliances will not only reduce the amount of smoke that is produced and top DEFRA stoves also ensure that the air that is used for combustion remains constant throughout the entire combustion process. This will prevent the stove from becoming depleted of oxygen, which causes it to smoulder and release dark smoke. As they become more popular the majority of stove manufacturers are now incorporating Defra Approved Models into their range of products.

Defra approved stoves are not only a good alternative for those living in areas that have smoke control, but they are an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to improve the safety and efficiency of their fireplace and decrease the amount of harmful substances that are released into the atmosphere. These stoves are also great for those who wish to line their chimneys with a flexible stainless steel twin wall liner. As most Defra approved models come with five” outlet, this will allow them to be fitted with a 125mm liner instead of the standard 6″ outlet, which could save money on the cost of the liner and installation.

Some homeowners may decide to slumber their stove overnight, which involves closing the top vent and burning it slowly, this could lead to the accumulation of tar and soot that can block their chimney. A stove that is Defra-approved will not let you shut down the Top Defra Stoves vent completely, as this could trigger the fire to go off. It is also less likely that unburned combustibles will be released into the air. This is safer for the air and less likely to cause your chimney to get blocked.

Defra Exempt

You will often see the terms Defra Approved or Defra Exempt when you are looking for a stove that burns wood. This is usually a multi-fuel or wood-burning stove that is approved to be used in a smoke-free area.

This is accomplished by the appliances being subjected to rigorous testing and examinations to ensure they have ultra-low emissions. This is accomplished by using an additional burn in which the waste products of the combustion process are burned again to reduce the amount of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere. DEFRA Approved Stoves are the ideal choice for those who live in smoke-controlled areas and want to know that their appliance is legal.

Defra stoves that are exempt from a permit are typically marked with an SE logo or labelled DEFRA Stove. This means that the stove has passed a test designed by the UK government’s Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (Defra) to prove that it produces only a small amount of smoke when it is used in a proper manner. This is why Defra stoves are the only wood-burning stove that you are able to legally install in Smoke Controlled areas.

A Defra approved wood burning stove will also help keep your flue and chimney cleaner since they are engineered to burn wood much more efficiently than other types of stove. This is because of an advanced combustion process that allows airflow to enter the firebox.

In addition, Defra approved wood burning stoves are usually designed to be very energy efficient. This is achieved by using the latest technology to ensure the maximum amount of heat is taken out of the fuel and pumped into your room, meaning that you will enjoy lower heating bills and a cleaner and safer environment. responsible home.

You’ll find a wide range of options for an approved Defra stove in terms of style, size, and fuel type. Some are only approved for burning wood, while others will also be Defra approved to burn authorised smoking coal. There are both traditional and modern style Defra approved stoves to choose from, so you’ll be certain to find the ideal option to fit in with your decor.

We’ve put together a complete guide to buying an approved DEFRA stove. It contains everything you need know about this type of appliance, such as how to get the most value for money when buying one, what you should look out for when shopping for stoves, and much more. You can read the guide in its entirety here. We also have a wide selection of Defra Approved Stoves from some top UK manufacturers. This includes brands like Stovax, Arada, Burley and more. So if you’re looking for a wood burning or multi fuel stove that is both Defra Approved as well as CE certified, then make sure to take a look at our range.

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