7kw Multi Fuel Stove

Based on the size of the room and the amount of heat required, there are a wide selection of 7kw multifuel stoves. Certain models can be paired in conjunction with a boiler to provide home heating solutions. They can cut down on energy costs significantly.

This model is DEFRA approved which means it can be used to burn smokeless and wood fuels in smoke control zones. It has a large viewing window and comes with a five-year guarantee.

1. Portway Rochester

The Rochester Multi Fuel Stove is a contemporary classic constructed with high-quality castings. The door has an elegant curve design. The Rochester can be purchased with a choice of a polished silver or 7kw Multi Fuel Stove plain-black finish for the cast-in trim. This ‘A’ rated Rochester stove is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA and can operate at a maximum output of 7kW. Optional Output Reducing Bricks are available to reduce the maximum heat output to 5kW making this stove perfect for larger rooms.

This Rochester Multi-Fuel Stove is packed with the latest and innovative features designed to aid combustion and ensure control. The primary and secondary air controls are situated on the front of the stove which makes it easy to adjust the burn rate to match the fuel and the conditions of the room. The large glass display displays vibrant flames on the logs or smokeless materials, while a fully-active Airwash system keeps it clear of any deposits. The Rochester can handle logs up to a maximum of 250mm (10″) in length. It comes with an externally controlled riddling mechanism that makes it ideal for burning wood and smokeless fuels.

The Rochester is SIA Eco Design Ready 2022 and can be used for a variety logs or smokeless materials like anthracite. Eco-design stoves produce significantly less emissions than older appliances or open fires. They are also 3 times more efficient and are less expensive to run than open flames. The Rochester comes with a 5-year warranty.

2. Ash

The Ecosy+ range has been developed with a Clean Burn technology which ensures you get the most heat and durability from your fuel. This feature re-burns gasses as well as smoke that your logs emit and then sprays air over the glass and your fire in order to keep it clean. This means that you won’t have to refill your stove as frequently. It’s among the most affordable multifuel stoves that are available.

The Ash is also a great choice due to its large ashpan that can be removed for easy maintenance. It also comes with a multi-fuel grate that allows you to burn smokeless or wood coal at the same time, and has a tertiary inlet to increase the efficiency of combustion. It is a DEFRA approved and Ecodesign-compliant stove, with clearSkies level five credentials. This means it produces 90% less carbon dioxide than a traditional open fire and 80% less than a stove not exempt from DEFRA.

Its modern design with straight lines makes it suitable for any style of fireplace or home. It can be fitted into a recessed fireplace or an existing chimney opening. The clean lines also make it an ideal choice for an ultra-modern flat wall or any space that you wish to integrate the stove into your home’s design.

Calculate the power output for your home by measuring its volume in cubic meters and dividing it by 14 for well-insulated rooms 12 for rooms that are standard-insulated and 10 for rooms with bad insulation. You can add another 20% for your central heating and an additional 25 percent for hot water usage.

4. Chilli Penguin 4.7

The Welsh stove manufacturer Chilli Penguin have built a solid reputation for their small multi-fuel stoves that are easy to use and have low flue requirements for draught. They also offer a variety of stoves that are ideal for houseboats and yurts. The company is committed to creating eco-friendly products and has worked hard to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance with their stoves.

This particular model is an updated version of their Go Eco stove. The stove comes with a large glass window to clearly see the flames and an airwash system that keeps the glass clear. The stove is DEFRA approved and meets the Ecodesign specifications to qualify as a ‘Energy Saving Stove’. It also has ClearSkies level five certifications that result in lower emissions than open fires. (See the table of tech below).

This top loading stove has a large flat glass window, ideal for boiling water. Its simple design is suitable for both a contemporary and cosy space. The stove comes with an air knob with a single button that lets you increase the air volume when fully opened and to control it more precisely when it is closed.

It lit with ease and soon began to pour warm air into the room even in a cold evening. It was simple to light and took only half an hour to reach the temperature we wanted in the lounge. The combustion process was very clean, with a noticeable absence of smoke. The stove is very simple to operate and the huge capacity of logs allows it to easily heat a medium to larger sized room.

5. Esse 700 Vista

This best multi fuel stoves-fuel stove is the largest in ESSE’s popular Vista range. It is perfect for large fireplaces or as a focal point. With the power of up to 5kW, it is able to easily keep a room warm, and its steel construction has an elegant and durable finish. It comes with a wide-screen viewing glass that lets you see the flames. This model has a pre-heated secondary airwash for keeping the glass clear, and it can be upgraded to Autoblaze which allows it to light automatically using an air jet.

The stove has an angled combustion system and a dual-position riddling grate to provide a more efficient burn. It can take a large amount of wood and is designed to be eco sustainable with its low emissions and energy efficiency of up to 80.3 percent. It’s also easy to maintain with simple controls and a convenient shaker grates.

This ESSE wood burning stove has been constructed with a classic English cottage style and an expansive glass view of the flames. It can be installed either as a front-flue or a back-flue wood burning stove. For airtight homes it can also be fitted with an optional External Air Intake Kit. This add-on makes an airtight flue system that allows the stove to draw in outdoor air in order to reach its maximum efficiency.

This British-made stove has outstanding heat performance and an attractive flame pattern. It can be used with logs, pellets and solid fuel, and can be controlled with an electronic remote control. It’s a DEFRA approved stove and is available in black or enamel finish.

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