Multifuel Stove With Back Boiler

A multifuel stove with back boiler can heat radiators as well as supplying hot water to the house. This can reduce heating costs.

The addition of a wood-burning stove with a built-in back boiler to an existing central heating system is straightforward and can be done by a competent plumbing engineer. This article will guide you through the process.

Here are a few examples of

When a stove is equipped with a boiler that produces heat, the heat generated by burning wood or Multifuel Stove With Back Boiler other fuels is used to warm water in a hot water cylinder, and also to warm a room. A boiler stove is able to heat radiators throughout the house. If you are looking for a multifuel stove with back boiler, we have a wide selection to choose from, all of which come with full manufacturers warranties.

A typical wood stove releases heat in one direction as it passes through the flue outlet of the firebox. Multifuel stoves with a back boiler are more efficient because the heat is distributed in multiple directions more efficiently. This means that more heat is directed to the room, and less heat is wasted through the outlet of the flue.

Once the heat from a multifuel woodburning stove that has a back boiler is used to warm the space, it is possible for this heat to be transferred elsewhere in the property by running the pipe loop. This can lead to the heating of the hot water cylinder or radiators, or even a shower that is not pressurised. A thermostat is installed to monitor the temperature in the hot water tank. The radiators’ pumps will be activated when the level is reached. This stops the hot water from running out and ensures the hot water cylinder is able to provide an ongoing supply of hot water for domestic use.

The CSB multifuel with a back-boiler has an impressive output of 21, 000 watts. It can be used for a whole home via the central heating system or even a household water cylinder. The CSB is a stove that can be used in a variety of ways that can burn wood logs, anthracite coal, brquettes, and smokeless fuel. It can also be used as an independent wood burner heated by thermosyphon. The CSB is compatible with both closed and open central heating systems (not compatible with pressured systems). A CSB is typically equipped with a stainless steel thermal store or neutraliser tank.

Fuel type

The difference between a multi-fuel stove and the boiler stove is that the latter has an inbuilt water tank that can heat your home’s domestic hot water and even radiators. This feature makes boiler stoves a popular choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners who want to reduce their reliance on gas, oil or electricity.

Wraparound boiler stoves are the most popular multifuel stoves that have back boilers. They feature a water tank running along the sides and back of the firebox. This means that the boiler part of the stove effectively fits the firebox, which increases heating efficiency and power output. Wraparound boiler stoves are available from a variety of top manufacturers, including Stratford and Hunter Stoves.

Another alternative is the clip-in boiler stove, which features an water tank that replaces the firebricks that are located at the rear of the stove’s firebox. These types of stoves aren’t able of producing large quantities of hot water, as the boiler tank has a smaller area than the wraparound boiler stove.

You can install a multifuel stove with back boilers in your system in a variety of ways however the most popular way is to pipe it as an element of an air-ventilated heating system. The boiler stove can be used as an additional heating source by turning on when the gas central heating is turned on.

Installing a wood-burning fireplace with the boiler back is possible by connecting it to a multi coil hot water tank or heat accumulator. In this case, the stove will heat your hot water tank prior to sending it to your radiators using an electronic thermostat. This is a more difficult installation process and should only be carried out by a qualified heating engineer.

A multifuel stove that has an internal burner that is not installed correctly can be dangerous. When the stove is in use by the water in the boiler could turn into steam. This can cause the system if it’s not correctly vented to explode.

Fuel supply

The heat produced by the stove’s burning can be transferred to a tank of water via a boiler unit built into the back. You can use the heat inside your home to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills. This makes the stove more energy efficient, because heat isn’t lost to the chimney. This system is usually known as a wetback wood burning stove or a back boiler stove.

Modern, attractive multifuel stoves with a back boiler have a hot water cylinder with the heating unit pre-built into the body of the appliance. You can connect the stove to the domestic hot water system to heat your faucets and radiators. Certain older models of boiler stoves come with a separate hot-water cylinder, or the boiler might be placed in a movable box which can be placed on top of the fire chamber.

This model comes with a massive firebox with a large glass window made of ceramic. It is complemented by an ” advanced air wash system’to keep an unobstructed view of the flames. This large stove has both top and bottom air vents (Primary & Secondary) to permit simple but efficient control of the burn rate and output. Its chrome door handle and air controls provide a fashionable appearance to the stove.

A thermostatic probe linked to the stove’s control panel opens and closes an additional vent at the back of the stove whenever it needs more air. This boosts the flow of air through the heat exchanger, which boosts the output of room temperature.

The “Elegance B” models have four water ports (2 x return and 2 x flow) at the back of the stove. They can be shut off when only one circuit is needed. If plumbed correctly, these stoves can heat up to 10 radiators of average size and the domestic hot-water system.

We offer a wide range of wood burners that come with back boilers available from the UK’s leading manufacturers. We also have a wide range of parts for boiler stoves, thermal stores, pumps and spares for these models so we can help you with any inquiries.


There are several ways to connect a boiler stove to your central heating system. It can be connected to a combi boiler using a special adaptor or include a thermal store that allows the wood burning stove to supply your hot water system by itself (this requires an additional cylinder in the loft for the header tank). You can also assign priority to hot water by connecting radiator loops and heat loss radiators through injector tees to the boiler stove and feeding the system from there. Another alternative is to utilize a thermopile thermostat to control the pump on the radiator loop so that the system will only run once the stove has heated the hot water tank and the heater is shut off.

It is possible to add a wood stove with a back boiler to an existing heating system. It’s dependent on the plumbing and system layout, but the majority of modern open vented systems can be linking a boiler stove with very little upheaval or expense. It is recommended to consult an HETAS qualified person or a local plumber installer who is familiar with wet systems prior to installing a multifuel stove with back boiler.

A typical system would include a thermal store, an accumulator tank for hot water, and a woodburner with a back boiler installed in the firebox. The stove is connected to the system via one of the back boiler water ports, which are designed to be 1 inch in size BSP (British Standard Pipe) and are easily adapted for tubes of 22mm and 28mm using compression fittings available from reputable plumbing stores.

The thermal store is a large tank, it has the capacity to hold large quantities of heat. It is connected to the radiators as well as the stove through a network of pipes and tees. The loop for the radiator is controlled by a thermostatic switch which will only allow the heating to start once the hot water in the system is at 55 degrees C.

The CSB multi fuel stoves for sale near me-fuel wood burner that comes with back boiler is a well-loved choice. It’s a powerful stove that can run up to 10 radiators in your home. It can burn logs as well as peat, coal, and smokeless fuel. The CSB can also be used as an additional source of heat such as biomass pellet boiler or log gasifier. pellet boiler.

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