What Are Defra Approved Stoves?

Also referred to as Defra Exempt Stoves and Smoke Control Approved Stoves, these stoves are typically designed to burn Defra approved smokeless fuels, such as Anthracite ovals. However, they won’t be suitable to use with wood.

To qualify as Defra exempt, a stove has to be able to pass laboratory tests for air controls and flue draught. These tests are different from real world conditions.

Clean Burn Technology

A DEFRA-approved stove is a multifuel or wood-burning stove that has been through a rigorous test developed by the UK Government Department of Environment, DEFRA approved low emission Stoves Food and Rural Affairs. This test ensures the stove can burn approved non-smokeless fuels like logs or briquettes, in Smoke Controlled Areas. This kind of stove will not just be more eco-friendly but also for your neighbors as it will reduce nuisance fume.

These DEFRA stoves use specialised combustion technology that permits them to sleep, or slumber longer than other stoves. This means they can burn any smokeless fuels that are authorised in an efficient and clean way while still maintaining the required heating capacity for your home. This is achieved by restricting the oxygen supply to the firebox. The fuel will then burn at a lower level until it is completely consumed.

Defra stoves are often called smoke-free or SE stoves. They will be branded with a badge or label with the DEFRA logo on it. You might see them marked as Ecodesign compliant 2022 to indicate they will meet the new Ecodesign emission limits when they go into effect next year.

There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a DEFRA. These include the design of stove, the types of fuel that you can burn as well as the amount of heat it can generate. It is also possible to consider some other options, for instance a remote control system that is easy to use or an air wash system.

When selecting the right DEFRA woodburning or multi-fuel stove, it is crucial to consider the type of decor in your home since there is various styles to choose from. If you are seeking a stove that can be able to fit into a fireplace or inglenook, there are a variety of traditional stoves to choose from, whereas there are also modern and contemporary models that look fantastic without mantles or surrounds. You should also think about the fuel you’d like to use since there are DEFRA exempt wood burners as well as a number of specifically Defra approved stoves that only allow for the usage of smokeless fuels that are approved by the government.

Smoke Controlled Areas

Smoke Control Areas are defined in the majority of UK cities and towns. If you reside in one of these areas you’ll require an exempt DEFRA wood stove or multifuel stove. These stoves are designed to adhere to the Clean Air Act regulations, and have been tested for smokeless combustion.

A DEFRA approved stove is designed using Clean Burn Technology, which is the reason they are smoke-free. This is accomplished by forcing a continuous supply of oxygen into the combustion chamber until the fuel is consumed. This means the fire can’t be shut off like a traditional stove and therefore it will continue to burn at a low level until the fuel is completely consumed and the flue gasses are exhausted.

This allows you to use the stove legally in a Smoke Control Area, with approved fuels. These include wood and manufactured smokeless fuels such as anthracite, smokeless briquettes, and firelogs. This is contrary to non-Defra stoves which are only permitted to be used in a Smoke control Area provided they are fitted with a special smoke control kit.

It is possible to fit the Smoke Control Kit on a wood burning stove that is not exempt from DEFRA However, this is not recommended. You could put your family members at risk of exposure to toxic gases and toxins that can cause lung damage. Additionally, the use of a stove that is not exempt from DEFRA within a Smoke Control Area can result in massive fines.

Stovax has a wide selection of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, fires and fireplaces that are all DEFRA exempt and are able to be used in smoke controlled areas. Our dealers are willing to assist you in finding the perfect DEFRA approved stove for your home, just put in your postcode here to find the nearest dealer.

It is important to remember that all new stoves must be installed by a HETAS certified installer to ensure they are installed safely and in compliance with current building regulations. A stove that is DEFRA approved and can be used in a Smoke Control Area helps to reduce your carbon emissions, which has assisted in reducing the levels of sulphur dioxide in the air. From 2022, the EU-wide Ecodesign regulation will set minimum efficiency, NOX and OGV ceilings and emissions limits which appear to be more strict than those currently required for Defra Exempt stoves.

Smokeless Fuels

When choosing a stove with smokeless fuels, there are numerous things to take into account. The stove must be approved by DEFRA to be used in smoke-controlled areas. This means that the appliance has undergone rigourous tests to ensure that particulate emissions are reduced. There are also stoves that are smokeless which burn more efficiently than traditional coal. This is healthier for the environment as well as your neighbors.

Briquettes are typically made from anthracite, which is a smokeless fuel. They are made to be greener than traditional coal and can last 40% longer. Smokeless fuels also generate more heat and emit less carbon dioxide than traditional coal.

They are more expensive, yet they have many advantages for you and your family. They are easier to ignite and do not produce as much soot or ash. This means that your stove’s grill and the glass screen won’t need cleaning as frequently. They create dancing flames and emit less smoke.

It is important to keep in mind that if you live in a smoke control zone, you are only allowed to burn fuels that are approved in your stove. If you choose to burn unauthorised fuels you may be breaking the law and may be liable to an enormous fine. If you use an unapproved woodburner approved by DEFRA, you could create smoke that will cause a disturbance to your neighbors.

It is therefore crucial to buy a DEFRA-exempt stove that allows you to burn smokeless substances within your home. All stoves in this group have been thoroughly tested to ensure they’re in compliance with Defra Approved Low Emission Stoves regulations and do not emit harmful smoke. This is accomplished by ensuring that the stoves have the latest combustion technologies which stop part-burned combustibles from being released into the air.


DEFRA stoves are multi fuel stoves that are approved to be used in Smoke Control Areas. They have been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they provide efficient and clean burning, with low emissions, and optimal performance. They are also available in different styles to suit your home and aesthetic.

Defra approved stoves are known as SE Stoves within the market, Smoke Exempt Stoves or Smoke Control Stoves with Area Approval. They are all referring to the same type of stove that has been tested and proved to be able of meeting strict UK legislation that limits smoking to a predetermined time period.

A Defra Approved stove can only be used to burn dry wood and approved smokeless fuels, such as blue flame or anthracite oval anthracite. Trying to use it to burn anything else could result in nuisance smoke which can cause health problems for people suffering from asthma or other breathing disorders. It is the responsibility of the installer as well as the consumer to ensure that the appliance is appropriate for their particular property using the Defra calculator, ensuring that all chimney components are in order and ensuring that the proper distances to combustibles have been adhered to and the hearth’s size is appropriate for the stove being installed.

Stoves that are not installed correctly can cause leakage, damage, and could void the warranty. The installation must be completed by a qualified HETAS engineer to ensure the stove is safe to use and is properly installed. Consumable items like glass doors, glass ropes, door seals, paint finish, internal lining plates or baffles and firebricks are not covered under the warranty. They are considered to be replacement parts for the customer and are available from us in the event of need. Damage caused to the stove by salt air or high humidity environments is not covered by the warranty.

A DEFRA guidelines stoves stove is an investment into your home, not only for the warmth it provides you with but also for the security of knowing that you are doing everything you can to help protect the environment and your neighbours too. You can rest assured that an approved DEFRA wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove will last for many years.

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