What is a Defra Approved Multi Fuel Stove?

A defra approved multi fuel stove is one that has passed the Defra smoke tests. They are also known as SE (smoke-exempt) stoves.

The Defra department of the government is responsible for rules and regulations related to rural issues, agriculture and the environment. The Defra test guarantees that you can burn wood or approved smokeless fuels such as Anthracite ovals in an area that is smoke-free without causing annoyance to neighbors with annoying smoke.


Eco-friendly stoves are made of sustainable fuels and materials to reduce emissions. They typically use wood or a combination of authorised fuels, and are designed with eco-friendly considerations in the back of their minds. There are a variety of eco-friendly multi-fuel stoves as well as log burners to choose from, ranging from modern to traditional models. Some eco-friendly stoves utilize the dung of pigs as a reliable and carbon-negative alternative to wood.

The most crucial aspect in ensuring that your stove is eco-friendly is ensuring that the fuel you are using is properly seasoned and kiln dried. This reduces the moisture content of the wood and allows it to burn more efficiently. It is also a good idea to buy only wood that is sourced from sustainable forests. When purchasing wood be sure to look for the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ label to verify that it has been properly dried.

The majority of newer stoves comply with strict EU EcoDesign Standards. These standards require stove makers to design wood-burning stoves that are energy efficient and with the environment in mind. Ecodesign stoves should be designed to take into consideration the environment, energy efficiency, and waste reduction. These are some of the most eco-friendly and clean stoves on the market today.

Another way to make your stove more green is to replace the grate with a ceramic one. This material is not just visually appealing, but also non-smoking and reduces sulphur oxide in the air. Additionally, Defra Stoves near me ceramic grate liners are easy to maintain and have a longer lifespan than steel inserts for grates.

In a Smoke Control Area you can still enjoy a wood burner or multi-fuel stove, but it is important to only use approved fuels by Defra. If you do not, it is possible that you could be in breach of the law and risk a fine from the local council. Only make use of fuels that have been approved by Defra like anthracite-based round manufactured by Defra in your stove.

Clean Burning

Multi fuel stoves that are approved by Defra can be used only in areas with smoke control if they burn only authorised smokeless fuel. This can be a type of manufactured or natural smokeless log or anthracite, and it must comply with specific regulations to be able to qualify as a Defra approved wood burning stove. Stove manufacturers must adhere to the regulations in order to produce a DEFRA exempt wood burner available for sale. The Stove Yard has a huge choice of DEFRA approved multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves from top brands like Arada, Parkray and Burley.

These kinds of Defra exempt stoves feature the latest combustion technology designed to reduce the amount of emissions and tar build-up in your chimney and flue system. The stoves use secondary and tertiary systems that ignite particulates, tar gases and other pollutants before they are released into the air. This is why Defra approved wood burning stoves are so much more clean than open fires and older models of stoves.

The design of a Defra approved stove is different. The majority of our range has an internal mechanism that allows for the continuous flow of air to the flame even after the vents for air have been closed. This prevents ash and soot being sent through the fireplace, which can cause dangerous chimney fires.

This is a crucial feature for anyone living in a smoke-free area, the new Defra approved stoves don’t allow you to shut the vents completely, and allow you to sleep your stove all night which could release part-burned combustibles into the air.

A DEFRA-approved stove will also have a longer burn time than older stoves that aren’t DEFRA-approved. However it is possible to replace your fuel of choice with smokeless coal to sleep the stove over night, this would also shorten the burning time as the constant supply of air needed to slumber would reduce the combustion of the smokeless fuel.

Reduced Emissions

If properly used, a stove that is exempt from DEFRA can produce very low levels of emissions. These emissions are usually PM2.5 particles, which can cause a range of health issues that include heart ailments and lung diseases, if inhaled.

The high efficiency of combustion of a DEFRA approved wood burner reduces the amount of harmful particles and pollutants released during the burning process. This reduces the environmental impact, particularly in urban areas where pollution levels are very high.

As well as cutting harmful emissions The efficiency of a stove decreases the cost of heating your home. Utilizing a DEFRA approved wood-burning stove instead of gas boilers of the conventional variety can reduce your carbon footprint as well as save money on your energy costs.

If you live in a region where smoke is controlled, it’s vital that your stove is DEFRA approved (or Smoke Exempt) since this will enable you to burn approved Defra fuels like manufactured smokeless ovals, such as Anthracite or Homefire and dried wood and other authorised fuels. This will allow you to enjoy the fireplace without having to worry about whether the smoke will disturb your neighbours.

Many stoves that are DEFRA certified, are tested to meet clearSkies standards and are able to be labeled with the clearSkies label. The clearSkies mark is an independent scheme that requires stove makers to provide information on their appliances efficiency and emissions making it easier for consumers to make an informed decision. The information must include the stove’s efficiency rating, emissions, as well as the type and size.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that, DEFRA stoves near me as with Ecodesign, the clearSkies regulations are merely minimum standards, and manufacturers can exceed these. ESSE, for example has designed its latest stoves to be even more efficient and cleaner burning, producing less particulates without sacrificing performance or control. This latest advancement utilizes twin catalytic technology that burns off the smoke particles it releases, dramatically reducing their effects on the environment.

If you live in a smoke-controlled zone and use a DEFRA Approved Stove with a top-quality, kiln dried or seasoned log, you’ll get the same amount of heat, or more than that, from the same amount of dry wood than when it was burned in an non DEFRA Approved Stove. It is up to 24 per cent less expensive to heat your home by using a new DEFRA Approved Stove than gas boiler.

Conforms to Building Regulations

If you reside in a Smoke Control Area, it’s important to have a DEFRA Stoves near me approved multi fuel stove. These stoves have been tested to ensure that they do not emit smoke when burning approved fuel. They can therefore be used them in areas with a large number of buildings. We install and supply DEFRA approved log stoves made by top brands like Mi-fires or Contura.

You can also safely burn peat, wood, and other solid fuels using a DEFRA-approved multi-fuel stove. It is crucial to be aware that certain types of fuels cannot be used in Smoke Control Areas.

For a multi-fuel stove to be safe to use, it is important that you have the right ventilation. This will minimize the formation of carbon monoxide within your home. DEFRA approved stoves have a built-in ventilation system that delivers sufficient air to the combustion process. This will ensure that your home is always well ventilated and safe to use.

DEFRA compliant stoves approved stoves also come with a minimum size of 550mm2, meaning they can be used combination with a standard dualwall system. Our extensive range of flue liners are compatible with DEFRA approved stoves, so you can improve your fireplace and ensure it meets the latest emissions requirements.

Look for the DEFRA symbol on the stove’s packaging or online. This information is also available on a variety of reliable retailers’ websites as well as in the store displays.

If you’re considering installing a multi-fuel stove, you must ensure that you get the job completed by a licensed professional to ensure that you are in compliance with the building regulations. Failure to follow the proper installation guidelines could result in a fine and damage to your property. We suggest using a HETAS approved installer to handle your stove installation, because they will be well-versed in the guidelines of the manufacturer and building regulations.

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